2014 Rock Babe Wallpapers

Each month, you can come back and grab a new wallpaper for your favorite devices. We will have several sizes to choose from with that month's 2014 Rock Babe as featured in our 2014 Rock Babe Calendar.

Click on the links below for the image that will fit your device and be sure to come back next month when we put up the new set. 

Click here to download the desktop wallpaper. The file will include standard size (1024x768), wide screen size (1600x900), as well as HD display size (1920x1280).

Click here to download the mobile wallpaper. 

Some common sizes included are:

320x480 -> iPhone 3 and some android devices
640x960 -> iPhone 4 and some android devices
640x1136 -> iPhone 5
720x1280 -> some android devices
720x1280 with motion control -> Designed for motion control turned off on iPhone 5 and 5s
1920x1080 -> some android devices including Samsung Galaxy S4

Click here for a list of display sizes for many common devices.

Here is an example of what it will look like: