NFL Loses a Superstar

Josh Gordon is neither Calvin Johnson nor Andre Johnson in his prime nor Michael Irvin nor Jerry Rice nor countless other superstars. He is not the most elite player to grace the field or the best of his generation. What he does have is talent. Not a little bit of talent to go with a hard working attitude, but a lot of talent. 

Tiger Woods Impact on Golf

Tiger Woods has been the face of golf through nearly two decades as a professional. No player garners more attention, negative or positive, than the former Stanford star and the golf world is quickly going to have to come to grips with what to do without him. 

Tiger turned professional in 1996 and has 106 professional wins with 14 major victories, but since 2009 he only has 11 victories and has won no major championships. His game has been on the decline since that time and now can not seem to stay healthy long enough to compete. 

NFL Falls Short Again

Ray Rice was suspended for two games last Friday for his assault on his fiancee. He and his fiancee were arrested for the incident, but the video from the incident is chilling to say the least. It captures Ray Rice dragging his fiancee from the elevator as she is unconscious after a "fight" that occurred between the two. Rice has shown remorse in interviews since the incident, however what occurred still occurred. 

MLB Trade Deadline Approaches

We are mere days away from one of my favorite times of the sports calendar year, the MLB trade deadline. At the stroke of 4pm, teams will know what they will have going forward for the rest of the season and for ten teams, the postseason. This is not to say that trades don't happen after the deadline, but making significant moves happen through waivers is increasingly difficult. 

♪Jay Mac’s Weekend Ruckus ♫ July 18th-22nd

♪Jay Mac’s Weekend Ruckus ♫


Friday July 18th    

Stan Gibert @ Potbelly in Turkey Creek in Knoxville 1:30 &5:30

The Djembabe @ Roger's Place in Knoxville 3pm

Chris Ellis & The Weekenders (acoustic) @ Hickory Star Marina 6pm

James Seaton Trio @ Dandridge Pizza & More 630pm

Colt Ford @ Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville 7pm

Lebron James Opts Out of Being an Icon

Lebron James will go down as one of the best players to pick up a basketball. He has the talent of the greats and abilities that surpass many of them. He has a personality and aura around him that dictates being one of the iconic members of basketball lore. However, he has a shortsightedness that will keep him out of that group.

NASCAR's New System Benefits the Weak

NASCAR changed their point system in the offseason to further add to the excitement of the points system as well as make wins even more important. However, in doing so, they have made the points system favor those that are capable of performing well at one type of track.


♪Jay Mac’s Weekend Ruckus ♫


Thursday June 12th

Stan Gibert @ Seasons Innovative Bar & Grille in Knoxville 7pm

Whiskey & Wood @ Buckethead Tavern on  Ray Mears Blvd in Knoxville 7pm

Behind The Barn w/Van Eaton & Friends @ Barley's Maryville in Maryville 8pm

State Street Rhythm Section @ Sunspot on Cumberland in Knoxville 9pm

Jason Ellis @ Smoky Mountain Brewery on Parkside Dr. in Knoxville 9pm

Leftfoot Dave and the Magic Hats @ Preservation Pub on Market Square in Knoxville 10pm


The Most Ironic Loss

The NBA Finals began last night to the tune of the A/C going out in San Antonio. The fact that this loss occurred is not only atrocious, but ironic. A team from Miami with the nickname "The Heat" just lost because they got too hot.

The fact that Lebron James was not on the court at the end of the game is the atrocity. It is Game 1 of the NBA's best series and the star of the NBA is sitting on the bench at the end of the 4th quarter. There is no competitive advantage to this, not is there an added level of excitment. It is simply put, an atrocity.

Tyndall's First Week on Rocky Top

To say that new coach Donnie Tyndall has had a rough first week at the University of Tennessee would be an understatement. After two weeks at the University, it is going to be an uphill battle to win back the fans to the Hill. 

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