All in the Farmville

Today, I tried Papa Murphy's pizza. One thing, people should not cook pizza at home. It should be cooked in a proper oven, not some electric piece of crap. This company charges the same as if they had it cooked for you. So why do we want to pay the same price to come home and wait some more, then pay extra for the energy to cook the thing? Are we stupid, or are they smart? I think this question is self relivating... yes, that is what I meant to spell. BTW, the pizza was OK.

More like a rupture...

Why do people still try to predict the end of the world? Probably the same reason for counting the licks to the center of a Tootsie pop. Should we not focus ourselves on solving the problems at hand and let these other distractions good by the wayside? The old saying "take the log out of your eye, then you can help take the splinter out of your friend's" should be words to live by.


2011 Smoky Mountain Thunder Memorial Ride XI

On Sunday, May 29th, downtown Sevierville will thunder with the sound of hundreds of motorcycles. They will be gathering for theEleventh Year to pay tribute to all Fallen Military. This is a “rain or shine” event since our Troops did not get the choice of  better weather!


Two for Tea

Baseball is an enjoyable sport to watch, that is, unless your son plays it. I try hard to relax and let the game play itself out. And , I know that "it's only a game", but the real story is the toll it takes out on my ability to remove myself. Not being on the feild is frustrating. My son's team has done OK this year, but they need to get their FIRE back. What does this have to do with Billy Kid you say? Everything! He can't play baseball, which is why his show is not popular with women who wear an "A" cup. Does this make any sense to anyone but me?

Stop Smoking!

After way too many years of smoking cigs, after my surgery on May 5th, I decided to quit. My surgeon says nicotine is the worst thing you can ingest if you are trying to get bones to heal.  It has been easier than I thought it would be, as I have never before tried to quit. I think it's more a psychological than a physical addiction, at least for me. Something I think has helped is a product called "CigRX". They are little non nicotine lozenges that you let dissolve under your tongue.  Find them at Hope they work for you!

Fun Facts from Billy Kidd

If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on the right side of your mouth. If you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on the left side of your mouth. 

It didn't happen

I'll believe Billy Kidd had neck surgery when they release the pictures. As far as I know, that thing on his neck is a tattoo. Now, go to YOUTUBE and listen to Deep Purple. At the appointed time, you will suggest we play more. Can't wait for the heat.

Flooding problem?

Gaddi's pizza is a wonderful place to go a take the kids. As far as taste, leave your pallet at the door. Service???
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