Eyes crossed

Why is Chick Fillet so additive ??? It's only chicken...But it is ssssoooo good. I will soon be rating food in Knoxville "since I'm a food snob anyway" and posting the findings here. To keep it simple, I'll have a thumbs up, thumbs down and index finger in the mouth. Hope ya'll paid yer taxes, helps me to justify get'in my money back. Look, better you than me.

Pay Respect to a Fallen Soldier

Brian Gay sent a message using the contact form at



Oh Tommy Boy

Tommy Lee is set to star in a new travel show for the cable channel Syfy.

The Sammy Hagar Book

You cannot put it down.

Bruce Pearl has been fired by UT. Interesting article

2 Extra cans

Please go to my facebook wall and find the post. They need help feeding less fortunate people. You can also call 635-1280 or 755-3471.

2nd Harvest can't accept food. Needs money

Trevor Bayne coming home

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