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Things Got You Down?  Well Then, Consider These . . ..

In a hospital's Intensive Care Unit, patients always died in the same bed, on Sunday morning, at about 11:00 am , regardless of their medical condition. This puzzled the doctors and some even thought it had something to do with the super natural.

Where was Billy?

Seems kinda funny, Billy was out last week and now Bil-Laden is dead. Wow, wonder if Osama was riding on the back of Billy's bike....

Smurfing the Rocky Road

Today is the day I do my yard work. Thankful for all the leaves on the ground that help my grass to grow. I went to the Mandarin House for dinner last night. Price "Thumbs up", Service "Thumbs up", Taste "Finger Down the Throat". Over all, if you wanna get full on the cheap, this is your place. If you expect taste, you might go ahead and bring some with you. Now off to get fertilizer and something blue...

In Japan, we call this "rail"

I hope all who read this weblog are ok after the storms, Except for Billy Kid, who doesn't.

Pork rinds for everyone!

Went to Wokhay with a couple of friends the other day. This was the second visit to the same location "you can't judge a place by one visit" off Merchants dr. The food taste was consistant, service was good, price was a little high "good thing I had a coupon" but I was taken back when I was told if I wanted the rice that came with the meal fried, it would be a dollar extra. For the size of the portions "which were quite small", I think they could change that policy. Over all, taste gets" a thumbs up", service "a thumbs up", price "no thumb" and over all value without a coupon "thumbs up".

Why does Billy hate me?

Every day I wait for Billy to turn on his mic so I can pass by and make fart noises. Why does Billy hate me? like that!

It can rain at any time of the year, but it only snows around winter. I tried Arby's New Swiss and Meat sandwich. not bad. I give it one thumb up. I wish the had Coke products. And have ya noticed that no matter where ya go, they always have Dr. Pepper? Man, I wish I had me some crawfish...

Tyler Huber military funeral with full honors

Thanks to all the bikers, Blood Brothers, Iron Pigs, Shepherds, etc. who rode out to pay final respects to Tyler and his family. His father wanted riders present, and we came in full force! The family was very appreciative. Thanks again! R.I.P Tyler

Eyes crossed

Why is Chick Fillet so additive ??? It's only chicken...But it is ssssoooo good. I will soon be rating food in Knoxville "since I'm a food snob anyway" and posting the findings here. To keep it simple, I'll have a thumbs up, thumbs down and index finger in the mouth. Hope ya'll paid yer taxes, helps me to justify get'in my money back. Look, better you than me.

Pay Respect to a Fallen Soldier

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