Legislators want Peyton to come to Tennessee

It seems like just about everyone in Tennessee is doing what they can to convince Peyton Manning to come back to the Volunteer State, this time, as a Titan.

Van Halen Set List First Night of 2012 Tour

With the release of a new CD, it is expected that they would perform a few of their new tunes.  A pleasant surprise is a couple of songs from the past like "Romeo Delight" and a song that hasn't been played live since 1980, "Women in Love."

The biggest lie you ever told

Here's another Christmas wish sent to me

Looking back on 2011

2011 may just go down in history as the most challenging, grueling, demanding, difficult, hellacious, rough, severe, testing, year of my life! But if there is one thing I have learned in the last 32 years it is that the obstacles life throws your way make you stronger!!! Today I trust that God has my back! Today I am a better person then I was before with a new respect for the gift of life! Today...

Baby Sam is a 1 Year Old!!!

In the blink of an eye a year has passed! It was yesterday that I was just coming home from the hospital and now I am watching a beautiful, funny, and smart little girl walking all over the house and trying to talk. I Thank God for the many blessing in my life. He sent me this little Angel from Heaven and everyday I love her more. I also Thank my listeners who supported me when I was carrying her and who support and love her for now!

Campin' For Cans 2011

Campin' For Cans update: Looks like the final total with physical can donations and consideration from t shirt proceeds after 9 days should be just shy of 2 truckloads! Saturday was an amazing day with nearly $4000 in t shirt sales! Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Accutech ($1500) and Shiloh riders and Marcos Garza of Steelhorse Law ($1000 each). Thousands of nutritious meals will be provided thanks to everyones help. Merry Christmas! 

Campin' For Cans

Campin' For Cans starts the day after Thanksgiving in the parking lot of the old K Mart on Kingston Pike just east of westtown mall. I hope you will come by with your can donations and/or buy one of the limited edition WIMZ Guitar Hero shirts for $20. Buy one and that feeds a family of 4 for a week! 

2011 East Tennessee Toy Run


Rolling Stones onEd Sullivan

47 years ago the Rolling stones first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. See trailer for the DVD set of Stones appearances.

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