Bubba Watson is the Champion Golf Needs

Bubba Watson won his second Master's in three years this past Sunday with a 69 on Sunday. A remarkable feat, but more important one the PGA needs. 

Tiger Woods is no longer the week in and week out favorite he once was. Almost a decade ago now, when he donned his red golf shirt on Sunday, it struck terror in the hearts of his competitor and lined the PGA Tour's pockets with gold. Now, there is no more gold when he wears red. This is not to take away from the accomplishments of one of the greatest golfers to ever pick up a club, but the lore that once surrounded him is no longer there.

Many golfers have come and gone in this time, but no one has stepped up to the realm of popularity that was Tiger Woods to the chagrin of the PGA. Many hoped and thought Rory McIlroy would be the guy and he may yet as he is only 24. However, there is just something about Bubba Watson.

Bubba Watson is the 35 year University of Georgia graduate who is just likeable. Instead of the Tiger Woods fist pump on Sunday, we have Watson running around the green with his son in tow high fiving the crowd. Instead of a steak dinner at a 5-star restaurant to celebrate a tour win, he spends his evening with his wife and son at Waffle House. Kevin Costener and Tin Cup come to mind as I type this. 

His time as a pro includes 8 professional wins to include 2 Majors. These are not electrifying numbers by any stretch, but the way in which he carries himself makes his successes that much greater. Instead of the usual smug grin we see from golfers, there is a general elation with his wins. In the last four years, he is consistently playing on Sundays. For the future of the PGA past Tiger, fans should hope this continues to be the case. 

When asked on Sunday about whether he feels he is an elite golfer, his response was "No, no. I just got lucky enough to have two green jackets. ... I'm just trying to keep my tour card." This is not the response of an ego driven athlete, but in fact one the PGA Tour can hopefully hand their hat on.<!--</p-->