The Gift of Motherhood

God has blessed me once again with a beautiful child and I thank him for letting me be her mommy. I now can look at all my children and fully appreciate the gift of motherhood because of the gift of her. Samantha you are my Saving Grace and Gods plan for you was bigger then I ever imagined. He knew I needed you my baby girl to finally get to a place with him where I could be free. Thank you God for your Grace and your Baby Samantha Grace. There are times I look at her and get so wrapped up in the love I feel I cry because I don’t know what else to do. My body and my emotions freak out! Having Sam I now know how much God loves us because of the love for her and all of my beautiful, talented, gifted children. I started my journey as a mother 15 years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my son Byrce Victor. Named after his Great Grandfather Victor Willson, Bryce has been a rock in my life everyday for all of those 15 years. Today he is almost a man and what a wonderful man he is growing up to be. Such a sweet hearted boy he has always been Bryce has compassion for animals, nature and he has this amazing entertaining ability with kids. I have Moms ask me all the time if I rent him out for parties! His gift with Children of all ages has me believing he will be a teacher when he makes his mark on the world or maybe he just might be the worlds Greastest Daddy ever to his own children some day. I am so proud of him and I can’t wait to see all the great things he will do for others. God I pray that his journey will be with you by his side and you at the end of his walk. Guide his footsteps Lord. Belle Victoria… Belle is also named after her Great Grandfather Victor Willson. Beautiful Victory is the meaning of her name and so true in every way. She is the most beautiful girl inside and out with such an outgoing spirit and drive that only my daughter could have. She reminds me so much of me but she is doing more at her young age then I was doing in my early 20s. She has always been trying to grow up fast since she was a few months old. I will never forget the day she walked across the room at 9 months old. I had to pick my mouth up off the floor that day and everyday since then she continues to wow me. I love seeing the world thru her eyes and today at the young age of 12 she already shares that talent with us all. My Beautiful Sunshine Belle, what a blessing it is to be your Mother. God has your dreams in his hands and to reach them seek him first. Let him always be your everything my daughter. Ian Adam Claire too is named after his Great Grandfather Victor Claire Willson. In most cases every family has someone who likes to make people laugh. I think I always tried to hard to be funny as a child, but as I got older I found that there really is an art to making people laugh. My Ian has always entertained others without even trying. When he was just a few years old this cutie pie could have you cracking up over things he would say or dances or quotations from a movie. If he does not have your attention he is not a shy child and he will just tell you that you need to watch what it is he is doing. Jerry Seinfeld better watch out! Ian God has such amazing opportunities waiting for you. Even when you don’t have me by your side remember you always have God who never leaves your side and protects you for me everyday. I love you Son. Collin James is named after his Great Grandfather James McDaniel. I remember thinking “there is no way my heart can grow any bigger then it already has” I found that there is always more room to love. When my baby boy Collin looked up at me for the first time I thought my heart was going to burst. Every love is different with my children. No one is loved less or more. However they are loved in their own special way. Collin was planned to be my last child and with that in my heart I loved this baby boy every second that I could. Ate him up like chocolate cake. Kisses and hugs, and snuggles all day. I loved watching him falling asleep in my arms. The sweet loving little Collin started to really have problems around his second birthday and after several months of Doctors and no answers he was finally diagnose with Autism at the age of 3. Collin was and is still my baby boy. Nothing, not a disability, or an ex-husband… no one can ever take that away. Even with his disability Collin is very loving, and affectionate. My child has this ability to read people. I remember him sitting on my lap and looking straight into my eyes. If I turned my head away, he would take his little soft hands and pull my face back in line with his. I felt like he could see into my soul. I know the Lord has a plan for all my children, especially Collin James. The day he speaks Lord let it be the name of Jesus!! Thank You God For The Gift Of Motherhood