Hi, how are you? My name is Billy Kidd

For my first blog I thought I would tell you a little about myself. My home town is Livingston, Tenn (100 miles west of Knoxville). My grandparents on my dad’s side settled in Overton County (1800-1804. BTW, ask me about this story because it is INCREDIBLE). I attended UT Knoxville from 1977-1981 and I was in the Pride of the Southland Band under Dr. J Julian, which was quite an experience.
I moved to Atlanta in 1981 to embark on my radio career, which was a big jump for a guy who grew up in a town of 3000! Then, I moved back to middle Tennessee in 1984, managed a couple of radio stations and did mornings in Cookeville from 1984 to 1990.
In 1990 I came to Knoxville and created a radical night show called “Outlaw Radio.” 15 months later I moved to afternoons for 3 years, and then moved to mornings for a seven year run as “Phil and Billy in the Morning.” Those were some fun times, but I’m having a lot of fun now too! I’ve been holding down the fort in the afternoon ever since. On May 27th 2008, I was hit from behind in a rain storm on interstate 26 in North Carolina on my Harley Davidson and t-boned a car that had wrecked in front of me. I had 5 sugeries on my leg and almost lost it. I am very fortunate to be alive today.  
I’ll always remember the day I moved back to afternoons. It was the Monday before 9-11, 2001. Also, in October of 2007, I rode a Harley-Davidson Road King across the country, stopping at military bases and presenting them with certificates of appreciation from the people of East Tennessee for their service to our country. One of the most awesome and rewarding things I have ever done! HAMMERDOWN!!!