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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Every day, volunteers with the Senior Citizen's Awareness Network, or SCAN, check on the elderly in our region.

They look for security issues and talk with the elderly about latest scams. But most importantly, they simply spend some time with them.


But, now they're in need of your help.

Each week, a patrol car drives to Eula Henderson's home. It's not a sheriff's deputy, it's Jerry Reed, a volunteer with SCAN.

Jerry helps Eula do a lot of things around her home. But the most important thing he does, is simply sit and talk with her awhile.

"A lot of times they're the only people I see that day," says 93-year-old Eula Henderson.

For 6 years, Jerry has dedicated about 8 hours a day, looking out for the elderly.

"Some of these folks don't have anybody that checks on them on a regular basis."

Volunteers talk with seniors about frauds, scams and one of the biggest problems right now: home invasions.

"Most seniors have medicines so we keep them abreast of things that they should do and shouldn't do when people knock on their door," says SCAN coordinator, Bob Faulkner.

About 250 senior citizens in our community get the same treatment every day. But in order to keep this free program running, there needs to be more volunteers.

"We could use a lot of volunteers. Our volunteers turn over just like our seniors do with surgeries and things like that," says Faulkner.

After training, you'll look like a sheriff's deputy. But that's not a reason to give your time.

"If you're wanting to do this job to drive the patrol car or to wear a uniform, that's not the right answer. You really have to have a soft spot in your heart for seniors," says Faulkner.

"Just to be able to help people, then you've got a wonderful opportunity here," says Reed.

An opportunity seniors like Eula, depend on.

"I just hope they keep coming. It means so much. I look forward to it."

If you'd like to become a volunteer, or sign up a loved one for the free service, call 215-5636