Looking back on 2011

2011 may just go down in history as the most challenging, grueling, demanding, difficult, hellacious, rough, severe, testing, year of my life! But if there is one thing I have learned in the last 32 years it is that the obstacles life throws your way make you stronger!!! Today I trust that God has my back! Today I am a better person then I was before with a new respect for the gift of life! Today... I am so very blessed to have my beautiful children and the most outstanding & courageous family! Thank you God for the many gifts and blessings that are all around me! Thank you for the storms, the trails and the uphill battles that have shaped me into the woman I am today! It is because of you I have the strength to wake up everyday to be the mommy, the chauffeur, the cook, the maid, the parent, the protector, the provider and take on the world!