The Most Ironic Loss

The NBA Finals began last night to the tune of the A/C going out in San Antonio. The fact that this loss occurred is not only atrocious, but ironic. A team from Miami with the nickname "The Heat" just lost because they got too hot.

The fact that Lebron James was not on the court at the end of the game is the atrocity. It is Game 1 of the NBA's best series and the star of the NBA is sitting on the bench at the end of the 4th quarter. There is no competitive advantage to this, not is there an added level of excitment. It is simply put, an atrocity.

A game that should be talked about this morning for its competitiveness is being discussed for something else entirely. Not all athletes will react to this the same way. Ray Allen even said post game that "it was right up his alley." However, for the athlete that is pivotal right now to the success of the NBA, it was enough to decommission him.

Whether you like him or hate him, Lebron is the NBA. His ability to elicit emotion from the average basketball fan is more that that of any player on an NBA roster today. He is charismatic in his own way and he carries himself in just the right way to elicit a reaction from fans, whether that be positive or vitriol. His lack of being able to stand on the court at the end of the game changed this series. It may be a small change and the outcome may have been the same by the end of the game, but it did have an effect on this series.

The NBA needed to come up with a solution to this issue and the solution was not to play the game as is. It is the reponsibility fo the team to maintain their facilities and the Spurs arena was obviously not maintained. There should have been a contingency for this situation that did not involve Game 1 of the NBA FInals to be played in an arena where temperatures grew to be above 90.