Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log-in/register for the WIMZ Workforce?

The log-in/registration area is located on the WIMZ home page.  It is on the right hand side, below the picture of the DJ and above the widget that displays recently played songs.

How do I enter a contest?

First you must be signed into the website as a Workforce Rocker.  Then, simply click on the contest link located in the red navigation bar near the top of the website. Find the contest you would like to enter and fill in the form with the requested information and press enter.

How do I listen to WIMZ online?

Our listen live button is located in the "On Air Now" section that displays the DJ that is currently on the radio.  This is directly to the right of the rotating image on the WIMZ homepage.

Where are my Rock Babes?

Rock babes are one click away.  Click on the babes button located on the red navigation bar.

Where is the Babe of the Day?

Place your mouse curser over the babes button on the red navigation bar.  Then click on the Babe of the Day option that appears while your mouse pointer is over babes.

Do you still have a calendar of Bike Events?

We do have a listing of upcoming bike events that are arranged by date.
This is found by clicking on the events tab on the red navigation bar.

How do I submit a Bike Event?

First you MUST be signed into the website as a WIMZ Workforce Rocker. Then move your mouse pointer over the events tab on the red navigation bar.  At this point a "Submit your event" option will appear.  Click on that and fill in the proper information.

Do you post community events?

Yes we do.  Community events are located on the same page as the bike events.  Bike events are on the left of the page and community events are on the right. 

How do I submit a community event?

To submit a community event follow the same directions listed for the bike events above.